November 21, 2009

Daily Skin Regime

Good morning y'all! I'm so happy to finally have the weekend here. I went a little cuckoo yesterday working like a maniac to get all my presentation slides done for my 3 bosses! Thanks to Prodigy; Fat of the Land, namely Firestarter & Breathe replaying a gazillion times in my caffeine loaded neurons. Ahh, the wonders of heavy metal and techno during your times of need...

This weekend I'm totally going to R & R. I had it. It's also because today's my birthday :)

I thought I might show you my little furry friend and my skincare companions....

My current skincare regime includes:

IPSA Cleansing Smooth Foam
IPSA Metabolizer in R3
SKII Whitening Source Dermdefinition
 Shu Uemura B- G Reinforcing Gel Cream
Shiseido Eye Moisture Recharge

I have a few staples in my regime. And being the beauty junkie that I am, I try something else because I get bored but I eventually end up buying the same thing again because it's far superior. The only thing that I would repurchase over and over again would be the IPSA Cleansing Smooth Foam. This shit is the bomb...

It comes in 125g tube, and costs SGD44. It's worth it, seriously... You only need a small pea size amount   and this will last you for 4-5 months with regular washing.

Just the tiniest amount will do.

Within seconds it lathers into a rich creamy foam. It has a lovely lemon/citrus scent, I can't describe it. The scent makes me look forward to washing my face every am and pm.

So here I've applied water resistant gel liner to show you how effective this cleansing foam is.

Again, I applied the tiniest amount. After a minute, the gel liner has come off my skin... amazing.

This is the result after a good cleanse. Just small traces is left in the tiniest creases of my hand lines.

HG all the way!


Actually, this is considered an 'essence'. But to me, it seems more like a toner with hydrating properties. I bought this especially having dehydrated skin. IPSA has a huge range of metabolizers (that's what they call it, weird huh?). Pretty pricy and I will definitely not repurchase because I haven't really seen that much a difference with it.

You need 1-2 pumps to apply, with gentle patting motions all over the face. It absorbs nicely into the skin and gives a general hydrated feeling.


Again, I bought this wanting to reduce my acne scarring and not specifically to become fair. Did I see any results with this? Just slightly. It was only last week that I mentioned I was a shade darker and with this, it seems to have 'lightened' my complexion slightly within a week. It's also fairly expensive for the quantity (30mL) that you're getting. Not repurchasing.

Comes in a fluid-like texture, very easy to spread and absorbs nicely into the skin without a residue. SKII products all have pitera, which supposedly helps to prevent aging. However, the treatment essence is probably the staple of the whole range of products.


Moisturiser is such a subjective thing. I find it hard to rely on someone else's experience with it. Your skin reacts different to different things. And I must say, it's hard to find the 'perfect' moisturiser. Depending on your hormones, environment, stress levels, diet... your skin changes. I might have dehydrated skin, but I also have oily oily skin too. And I'm also someone who hates feeling ladden with creams. To be honest, I have no idea what 're-inforcing' means...

I got this Shu Uemura B-G Reinforcing Gel Cream, which comes in a cream form but with a gel-like consistency. Interesting...

It's literally a 'solid' cream/gel or whatever you call it. I use a spatula to scoop the product out. Again, another hate. I just feel urked to dip my fingers in there...

When applied, the cream becomes a gel and layers nicely... My skin does feel hydrated but it's a little too 'thick' for my liking. Not repurchasing.


I hate buying eye creams... not only are they expensive but they're so 'necessary' apparently. It's like needing to buy tampons/sanitary pads and if you get the wrong one, you'll leak or feel uncomfortable all the way. Well, eye creams fall under that category. If you buy the wrong one, you get 'oil bumps' and causing so much injustice to your eyes and wallet.

I only look for a basic eye cream with moisturising properties in a gel formulation.

The Shiseido Eye Moisture Recharge seems to be rated well on MUA and so I decided to give it a go and bought this at the duty free shops. I don't even recall testing it before buying it.

And... I totally regret this purchase.

As you can see it leaves a oily residue and even an hr after, it still remains.

On a different note, I'm going to my dentist to get myself a nice little present for my birthday... hehehe... braces. Can't imagine presenting my slide deck with my teeth full of metal. Will post pictures when I do decide to get them.



Diane said...

Aw happy birthday!!!!! :) Wow, the ipsa cleanser seem to be an amazing cleanser!!!

Jess said...

You look so fresh! Thanks for sharing your skin regimen! I always love to see what other girls use. Hehe... ;)

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Beauty Runway said...

Hi Tracy

Happy Belated Birthday !

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Best Birthday Wishes
Beaute Runway

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