November 1, 2009

Barclays Singapore Open 2009 and a Weekend FOTD

Today I managed to get tickets to see the Barclays Singapore Open. This is becoming an annual event but this year I only managed to go on the final day. This is a huge event for Singapore and golf, being ranked as the highest valued tournament of the year at $5 million. This event can be seen as a golf-fan's biggest chance to catch the best players in town and also a drinking event for bankers and other corporate clients like Emirates, Dell, International Financial Services and Starhub. Obviously, I am in the wrong industry!

All the biggest players come to Singapore to play, including Phil Mckilson, Ernie Els and Adam Scott.
For Phil Mckilson, he just had to show up to get appearance money of some crazy amount...

Even tennis player, Ana Ivanovic was there to support boyfriend Adam Scott. I admit that Adam is a quite a hottie now that I've seen him in real life.  

Here's good ol' Phil cracking some jokes with his fellow caddy

and more...

The weather has been absolutely atrocious the first few days of the tournament. Thankfully today the weather was good. Not too hot but still unbearably humid. I was sweating beads after beads of sweat even being in the shades, watching all the spectators walk by. Eventually, I went home early to watch the rest of the game on tv.

I personally don't play golf, but my boyfriend does. Apparently, there's so much science to golf than one would think. It's all about the slopes, the grass texture, the angle of your swing and the wind strength/direction. Anyway, this course is known to be the toughest in Asia and test all the players on accuracy. Hence Rolex and big watch makers interest in sponsoring these events.

You could pretty much see who are the biggest players by the number of spectators watching. The ambience and energy of the crowd was great though. I wouldn't mind taking time off to watch Thursday and Friday.

Here's the champion. Weird English bloke wearing pink top to bottom including his shoes. He's known for his flamboyant dress-sense. Nice pay check too at USD$900,000! It'll take me forever to earn that amount. And this fella earnt this in 4 days.

On a different note, I thought I might do a EOTD... and FOTD... just because I feel like it! :)

Really easy look. I used MAC cocomotion pigment and circa plum pigment on the crease. I love how nicely the colours complement each other. I might wear this same combination tomorrow.

On my lips I have on MAC's way to love which is fast becoming my most worn lipstick. It's the most beautiful shade of soft pink. It was part of the Rose Romance collection.

A close up here... My lips are fat and short unlike Christine from Temptalia. Isn't the colour pretty? I love how it tones down the darkness of my lips without washing me out.

And here's the gear that I used today...

I've started to use YSL's faux cil mascara which is great but such a bitch to remove because it's so pigmented and wet. I suppose I was getting used to my old and dried out Shu Uemura mascara.

I hope you're all having a great night... I'm not motivated to go to work tomorrow just because I haven't had a chance to really sleep and do nothing this weekend. It's just been so much fun! I'm thinking of going to Hong Kong for a holiday to watch the HK open. What do you think? Should I go?

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