November 15, 2009

Back from Hong Kong with a tan...

G'day! I hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday. I spent the last few days in Hong Kong, and surprisingly not doing 'too much shopping'. I got a couple of Jill Stuart items and some YSL staples, which I'm scared of running out of since they've left Singapore. I will have to show them in my next post, cos they're still in my suitcase and I'm lazy... hehe :)

Today I was looking for a darker foundation shade in my current foundation collection. Instead, I found this Shu Uemura Color Corrector Base, which will help to mask my lobster red tanned face. Yes, I did wear sunscreen but apparently it didn't help that much with my very sensitive skin. So I have this in the Green shade which helps to counteract redness.

It imparts a slightly glowy look, with it's slight shimmer. I'm not sure if it entirely helps with my complexion but it's alot better than using my current shades of foundation.

I mixed a pea-sized amount of the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser and the P&J Foundation to have a lighter coverage.

I'm enjoying the tanner color on me. I used to go really dark this time last year and alot of people actually commented on how good I looked. But oh well, my skin hasn't seen much of the sun because of my crazy-ass job.

My lips are severely chapped after taking 2 weeks of Roaccutane. My dermatologist has considered my acne to be serious enough to warrant the heavy-duty treatments. I hate dry chapped lips.

EOTD... sorry, can't remember what I used. Was playing around and forgot to take note.

I'm in love with brown color contacts :) But it's super drying so my eyes are really tired out!

:) I love my tan

Anyway, just some other updates; I'm on a revived mission to get my life back on track. I know, this is my early new year's resolutions. I might as well start now.

1. I'm going to drink more water - 2L at least every day!!! (I don't drink enough)
2. I'm really going to do my GMAT by October 2010. I need to get out of this shit-ass job.
3. I'm going to do project 10-pan by Dec 2009. Coming up in my next post!
4. I'm going a diet. Period.
5. I'm going to tell my parents about my bf by Dec 2009. hahaha... you won't believe it, but my parents are so ultra conservative, it's annoying. 

Join me if you have already thought of your new years resolutions. 


p chan said...

I've started my project 10-pan since June 09 and have used up 25 products so far!! :) good luck on your project 10 pan!! :)

Shilka said...

You look so lovely! :D Good luck with your resolutions! I should apply some of them to myself haha ;D

Tracy said...

p chan: Wow!!! 25 products!!! That is a huge achievement :)

Tracy said...

Shilka: Thank you :) I'll like to hear your NY resolutions!

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