October 6, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Yves Saint Laurent

For all those in Singapore, you will already know that Yves Saint Laurent will be leaving our shores. I believe Robinsons Raffles and Takashimaya outlets have already closed down, leaving only Tangs Orchard the only counter with YSL currently. I was told that it will be gone by the end of this month. I'm not sure if they'll leave DFS and the airport, since this brand is still relatively big within the transit passenger market with a whopping 11 million passengers coming through Singapore/year. That is 3X the Singapore population going through our Changi terminals. With that rate of high traffic, I hope Nuance Watsons (the management of duty free cosmetics) will evaluate this business decision alot more carefully. 

Lip Products
Yves Saint Laurent is known for its' bold looks with luxurious packaging. The YSL rouge voluptes has defined the word luxurious packaging for lipsticks to a complete new level. It has a lovely little mirror on the cap, and the whole thing weighs twice the weight than ordinary MAC lipsticks. Here, I have it in #1, #2 and #7 (tube doesn't mention the name, but I'm sure there's one. #7 is lingerie pink). The textures of the lipsticks are incredibly pigmented and soft. It applies like a dream and has a soft scent to it. The only downfall to these lipsticks is that it can accentuate the look of your dry lips if you don't apply a good lip balm as your base. If you're going for an everyday nude lip, I highly recommend #1 with a slight pink undertone. Each lippie cost $42.

Last Spring 09 Collection, we had a beautiful array of non-sparkly lipglosses called the Pur Gloss range. There are 5 shades. I have a feeling I need to repurchase some of these lipglosses because they have such an amazing scent and they're not sticky at all. I have mine in #4, which is a beautiful pink fushcia shade which gives a hint of colour to the lips. I've mentioned this in my August favourites and it still continues to be my HG. 

YSL also market this line of lipsticks, called the Rouge Pur range which is more moisturising than the rouge voluptes and has better staying power. They have a range of bold to soft nude lippies. Packaging is lighter than the rouge voluptes and it's also cheaper by a few dollars. I have the shades in 146 (romantic pink) and 148 (tea rose). These shades are perfect for an everyday look. 

And finally, just when you think it's not enough YSL lippies in my stash... I have one more from the Rouge Pure Shine range, which is alot more glossier. I'm not a big fan of these since they don't have any moisturising qualities compared to the other YSL lip product lines. Again, the packaging is unique.

Base Makeup Products
The next most highly raved product of them all is the Touche Eclat. This is the originator of the radiance pen concept. Estee Lauder, Dior, Givenchy and the rest all copied this concept. However, the cream of the crop must go to the YSL touche eclat. With its simple application around the shadows of your eyes, the crease of your nose and any discolourations, you can basically go anywhere without looking like a hag. The illuminating properties of this product helps to bounce light off your otherwise hideous shadows, and makes you look even more youthful. If you're wondering what you should get from YSL, this is THE PRODUCT to try. If you're disappointed, let me know. I have not heard anyone complain of it so far.

You would already know of my most highly raved concealer stick. It's super soft and doesn't drag at all. Really good to apply under the eyes. I'll definitely be stocking up on these! Product review here

Foundation wise, I have used the Perfect Touch Foundation. Despite the flimsy brush that comes with it, the product itself is beautiful. It gives the most luminous glow and is easy to apply using your fingers or a brush. Basically remove the brush applicator and you can squeeze the product out. I finished this in within 2 months because of the high wastage that comes with the stupid brush, so remember to close it by turning the cap after use. 

I've also tried the YSL foundation primer which is meant to give luminosity and radiance to the skin. Honestly, I find it way too sparkly and I look like a glitterbomb when using this. Mostly because I have really oily skin to begin with. It might be okay to use it as a highlighter on the top of your cheekbones. It comes in a pretty decent size tube. 

What about YSL powders? Honestly, my powders from that range is only mediocre. I prefer my Anna Sui or P&J powders. 

Ah, now onto blushes. Well, I have not given alot of love to YSL blushes. I have one in the mini compact puff and the cream blush that was released a month ago. Nice quality but the colour selection could be alot better. You can find better blushes from other brands. With sales, it's worth a go since the quality of their products is amazing. Product swatches for the cream blush can be found here

Eye Products
I have only started to venture into their YSL eyeshadows recently and so far I'm starting to like it more and more. To read more, click on this product review here. I don't have alot of their palettes or other eyeshadows since I have a whole stash of eyeshadows already.

I bought myself the Faux Cils mascara sometime ago when it came with the radiance touche pen. I haven't used it yet but I heard so much good stuff about it. I'll try it later this week and do a product review in due course. 

This concludes my YSL stash spotlight, which I must say I'm rather disappointed to see the brand leave our shores. 

What are you stocking up on?

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freshelle said...

oh no. why are they not selling it anymore?? i hope you can get it shipped eleswhere?

anyways, you have a great blog!! i'm a follower now - looking forward to your future posts!!

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