October 8, 2009

Orange EOTD using MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics

As the title explains it, I'm doing an orange eye. There's something about orange that makes me feel really nervous. Maybe it's just way too 'clownish' or unnatural on my yellow-ish skin. BUT, since I'm wearing orange today for work, I figured I might as well try. I can look like a clown at work and nobody will know since I'm quiet as a mouse this week. Normally, I'm the loudest at work... So far, so good.

Basically, I used MAC's off the page eyeshadow all over my lid and Obviously Orange technakohl on my lashline. To tone down the 'brightness', I used texture eyeshadow from MAC on my crease to blend blend blend. Finally, Crest the Wave eyeshadow on my tear duct area.

I lined my lids with Lunasol Geminite eyeliner, and MAC zoomlash (which I don't like cos it clumps like no other).

Sorry for the poor lighting, I did this at 7:15am and there was hardly enough light streaming in.

As I said, i'm wearing orange today... Good grief, I need a holiday. My skin looks too fair!

Here's what I used for my eye...

And what I used for my face.

You would have noticed that I'm using Lunasol Loose Powder. I don't think I like it as much as my IPSA Poreless Loose Powder. The Lunasol one seems to accentuate my pores!

Other news; I'm feeling kinda down. I'm not sure what exactly is causing it. Maybe it's the lack of 'entertainment' in my life. I've just been working, gyming, studying, dietting everyday that it's wearing me out. Seriously though, my body is feeling better but my mind isn't. Even shopping doesn't help! What exactly is up with me... >_<

Although, I met up with one of my girlfriends last night and that was really nice. I had Sukiyaki beef... YUMM! :D~

Oh my god, speaking of food... When I was about to have lunch earlier today, I met this annoying lady who was hogging the entire row of seats with her shopping bags. I wanted to sit on this empty seat (with none of her shopping bags on it) and she insisted that this seat was reserved. Forget it, I'm sitting. Afterall, it's not a friggin restaurant. It s a food court for crying out loud. If you want premium 'reserved' seats, go to a restaurant!!! She wanted 'my' seat because she needed a place to put all her clean shopping bags. My god... Some people need to be taught social etiquette BIG TIME!

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