October 25, 2009

New hair & weekend FOTD

I have new soft shiny hair (woohoo!) thanks to my wonderful stylist, Wesley @ Kenaris Centerpoint.

I soft bonded my hair to rid all the curls, which this damn hairdresser screwed up at One-Utama (see previous post). 'Scuse my t-shirt. Was getting ready for my bf's friend's wedding...

I'm dreading tomorrow cos I have confront all my inconsiderate colleagues. My colleague sent me a text message just when I stepped out of the office on Friday afternoon to give her presentation slides by Monday. I was fuming mad! She had the whole day to ask me and didn't even have the courtesy to call me to explain. I know, she probably did this on purpose so I'll look like an idiot in front of her boss. So I called him immediately to tell him it wasn't possible to work on the weekend.

I know this is probably not the best forum to express my 'anger' but I feel that this is justified, considering how my company is trying to screw me up and I've had numerous restless nights. My boss has tried to lie through his teeth to avoid paying me my full salary. I have had 4 months for them to clear their business policy. And just a few days ago he tried to negotiate 'a compromise'. Fuck it! No way. Based on my agreement, I am fully entitled to my pay.

I feel cheated.

If you're evaluating moving to a smaller company, make sure you learn of the company's values. Also be 100% positive that your new boss can be trusted.

For this, I'm now on blood pressure watch. I had a terrible headache for days and my GP warned me about my blood pressure shooting up to 180.


Shilka said...

Hang in there girl! I know your pain. Once had a manager tell me on Monday, he will be giving me a huge task. Then he briefed me on Thursday evening and demanded work to be completed by Friday morning! When I rebuffed that it's way to little time, he was like "Well, you can work on it tonight". Bleh. He had 4 days to tell me and didn't do it.

Rae // theNotice said...

Man, your work sucks :( I am so not looking forward to joining the workforce!! Have a glass of red wine (good for the heart!) and treat yourself to a bubble bath... you deserve it.

(Ooh, and also, your hair looks FAB.)

Tracy said...

Shilka: these bosses think we can come up with magic to make presentations and reports instantly appear. Wishful thinking.

Rae: Am looking to going back to school already. Life would be so simple if I had a job in golf.

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