October 1, 2009

Laneige Beauty Event was too good to pass up

The Laneige Beauty Event is on this week till the 4th October, and is held at Wisma Atria (Isetan, level 1). I must say I was super excited when I got there, especially seeing the variety of lipsticks, lipglosses at rock bargain prices. I hauled a somewhat 'modest' loot for SGD40. Yeah huh, who could pass that up? 

Not me!

So this is what I got...

2 single eyeshadows for $15 in SYR432 (tea beige) and DY438 (dark brown) - they're both super shimmery, looooove it. 
1 lipgloss in the limited edition N201 (beige snow) - a slightly transparent gloss. Easy to use.
1 lippie in LR101 (sugar pink) - Very sheer and natural
Both lip products are $15
And finally, a transparent loose powder in snow air light powder for $10

And to make it even better, I used my isetan vouchers, which meant I only spent $10 for all of it!!!

Seriously though, it's amazing deals. I'm not a fan of the skincare but dang, the makeup stuff is a serious bargain. They do stock up at regular intervals so even if you do head over there tomorrow, you'll see most of the stuff (I hope).

I will have to show you better swatches with natural light. It's so shitty to get home when it's dark. *sigh* I'm feeling uber flat these days. Just no motivation to get any work done. Sounds familiar? At least, Laneige made my day a whole lot better!


Anonymous said...

Great dollar stretching exercise!

SYR432 (tea beige)is a really nice colour. I have that too. Watch out for the loose powder packaging. The pivotal point tends to give way before i am even half done with the jar, so i always transfer to another pot. The mirror is a tad too heavy for the plastic cover.

Tracy said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm going to start using the screw top for the loose powder. I hope it does what it claims; sebum absorbing. Sounds like a miracle powder.

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