October 11, 2009

Guerlain madness - hauling 1 of 3

Hola ladies! I'm so excited to do this post... I've been hauling like everyday's my birthday. Yeah, shopping seems to be the only thing that keeps me sane during the day. I went to the Guerlain event, SA was super nice... I didn't even register and she gave me a whole bunch of free samples. I love the silver bag. Very chic. Nice for bar-hopping, whatever it is you do at night :)
They had a 1 for 1 promotion for the Guerlain Poudre de Perles pressed meteorites in 02 (or
03). So I grabbed myself one of them, they were sold out in within 2 hrs! Crazy Singaporeans... hehe :) Oh, they were also having 10% + another 15%. Who couldn't resist?
I was also tempted to get their cult terracotta bronzer, but the SA told me to get the limited edition Illuminating Sun Powder which was released in the last summer 2009 collection. It looks really shimmery on pan, but it's just an overspray. I'm so excited to use this! I really want to achieve a bronze look.
I really wanted to get the pink blush but it was sold out (obviously), so instead I got the peachy one instead. It might work out better with all the tanning that I plan to do next month :) I'm working on an 'athletic' tanned bod (i.e. sculpted, buff, whatever you call it), quite the contrary to being a elegant porcelain-fair Asian. It's got something to do with looking slimmer & stronger when you have beautiful tanned skin!
Ah yes, forgot about my Anna Sui Lipstick...
Ever since I did my red lip a week ago, I've been looking for a glossier more toned down red to wear to work. I found this little gem being limited edition as well, and with its beautiful Anna Sui motif all around the tube. When I tested this at the counter, it was love at first sight.

Friday night. I got pretty sloshed with 1-for-1 martinis. These other 2 boys are my ex-colleagues. We were all drinking like true Aussies. Fun night. Wouldn't be doing this for the next few weeks, since I'll be traveling again.

I have a Lunasol haul too... but my batteries ran out! :( I shall post it another day.

I hope you're having a really good weekend. Mine is ending too soon! Boo!


freshelle said...

great haul!! can't wait for the reviews!

Rae said...

Ooh! Super-excited for the pressed meteorites review... if I ask nicely enough, will you be sure to post swatches and what it looks like in a FOTD? =P

Tracy said...

Sure! will do :)

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