October 9, 2009

Eye Love Fridays!

Eye I absolutely love Fridays! I'm planning to get pretty sloshed tonight (with the help of 1-for-1 martinis) at Emerald Hill. Hehe :) It's been a while since I've done anything 'unhealthy'. Since I have no time to go back to change after work, I figured I'll try to look semi-professional and go for a smokey eye.

I used most of the colours from the MAC Smokey Eye palette that was released last year during christmas. I'm sorry, I can't even remember what's it's called. I used Benefit Skinny Jeans as my base, with satin taupe all over my lid, the dark matte brown shade on my outer crease and carbon on my lash line.

I now realise why my pictures have been so blurry recently... My macro function was disabled. So, I apologise, from now on I should have clearer pictures.

I intensified my lash line with MAC Push the Edge pigment which is soooooo beautiful, I love it!

And here's all the eye gear I've used...

I'm so glad it's the weekend!!! Yay! For all the Singapore ladies, take note that Takashimaya is having some awesome sales at 15% off EVERYTHING! Guerlain is having a 15 + 10%. I will be showing you pictures of my hauls on the weekend.

No more EOTDs for the rest of the weekend! Afterall, I'll probably be too hung over tomorrow! hehe :)

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