September 5, 2009

YSL Fall 2009 - 5 Colour Harmony in No.18

Back in July, I snatched up the Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2009 Collection in 5 Colour Harmony in No. 18 at Changi airport. This is the Asian version where the top left colour is purple not grey. It has only been released in Singapore recently (2-3 weeks back I believe?) so I thought I might share with you my thoughts on this eyeshadow palette. 
Initially, I was impressed with the shimmery pink shade and the combination of purples when swatching it at the counter. However, I was a bit disappointed that the Asian version was missing the grey shade. The top and bottom left colours (purple and pink) are shimmery with glitters. The bottom right dark purple is a matte colour. And finally the middle black shade is used to line your eyes. This palette comes with brushes, which I will never use. 
As you know, YSL packaging looks great when new but once you handle it, the fingerprints make it look real tacky. So yes, you can already see all the dirty imprints. 
This is where I was very disappointed considering the price. I had to rub my fingers on the top left shade (light purple) for some decent pigmentation. What's the deal with that?! Otherwise, all the other shades were ok in pigmentation. Only the matte colours had the greatest pigmentation. I was getting frustrated when I could hardly pick up any colour on my brush for the light purple shade. So I decided that I needed to use a white colour base all over my lid (I used Stila eye liner in pearl). It only helped marginally...
As you can see the pigmentation is appalling for the light purple shade (this is after rubbing my fingers real hard on the palette). Everything else was fine. 
An EOTD using all the colours in this palette. I used the light purple all over my lid, pink on my inner corners of my eye, dark purple on my crease, and silver to blend all the colours together. And finally the black to line my eyes. I need an appointment with my eyebrow specialist (hehe). 
So in my personal opinion, I don't think this palette is really worth forking out 70 bucks or so. The colour combinations are nice but some of the shades are seriously lacking the colour payoff (or at least the Asian version anyway). You're much better grabbing single eyeshadows of the specific shades interested and doing interesting eye combos. 
I hope you're having a wonderful Saturday and I'm gonna go grab some dinner. I'm famished!

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deb said...

omg that's SO expensive and totally not worth it! but i still think your eyes look very pretty in the EOTD.

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