September 2, 2009

Tangs 12% Sale Purchases

Tangs 12% sales are often a mixed feeling. I get really excited about getting most of my makeup lemmings, especially from MAC. But this time round, they didn't have the Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection which is a big bummer for me. So instead, I had a glance through some clothes on the racks and found myself some gems. I was in dire need for a wardrobe fix as my makeup purchases have been getting it's full glory for some time now.

First up, a white blouse from Studio Tangs

A basic pencil skirt. I'm in love with this!

And a satiny looking dress from Coats. 
I was really happy to get these at a 20% + 10% Tangs card member discount, with an additional of 12% rebate. Although, my other half was so grumpy that he had to wait for me to finish shopping. Poor thing.
I also managed to check out the Lancome Declaring Indigo Exclusive Event this afternoon. They have a promotion where you can get a free Virtose mascara with any Lancome purchase by exchanging your used mascara. I was all pumped and ready to restock on my Bifacils till the SA told me that the mascara is not black, but in fact gold glitter
What's my opinion on this collection? To be honest, I'm not that excited. The eyeshadow quad looks only average to me and not worth $88 on colours that are just mediocre. The texture of the eyeshadows are soft and pigmented. The gel liner is completely not original. It's simply a matte black, like a MAC blacktrack fluidliine. Altogether, I knew I wasn't going to spend my moolah on this collection. 
Well, work has been mega busy. I'm starting to lose sleep and I'm now averaging at 5 hours/day. I can't wait to sleep nonstop for 12 hours this weekend. haha! :) Goodnight!

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