September 9, 2009

My lipbalms - a comparative review

Picture this, I'm at the makeup counter and I'm testing out a few of their lipsticks. Colour looks fantastic but dang, what is with the dry lips?! So here I go digging into my bag to find my lipbalm, apply it on, and after 5 minutes, it's dry again! wth? I've been hearing of the girls raving about the La Mer lip conditioner. The last time I checked, the price is a whopping $82! No thanks, that's just way too expensive. Surely there must be a more affordable lipgloss that does the same job?

Today I was on a mission to find all the lip balms that I currently own (mostly drugstore) and do a comparative review...

Lucas Papaw Ointment
First in the ranking, would be my all time favourite, the Lucas Papaw Ointment. This baby is CHEAP! I got the big tub and the tube for travelling. All the ladies on Roaccutane swears by this stuff. It's basically a heavy duty ointment and you can use this for dry areas especially if you're itching like no other. It melts really easily in this weather so I think this stuff would go off quite easily. I've gone through tubs and tubes of this like water. It's my HG! Well... until, my attention wavered and I started buying less superior products. Unfortunately, you can only find this in Australia. *sob* 

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15
I came across Fresh cosmetics at HK Lane Crawford a few months back. It was pretty damn expensive from what I recall considering how little product you get. When I did try it, the smell of lemon candy was so alluring and it really did help in relieving my dry lips. After an hr, I can still feel the product on my lips so I quit loittering around and whipped it up. This is basically my office lipbalm. It's good but not fantastic. Rating: 

Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer SPF 15
I really love this lipbalm. It compares much better than alot of my other cheap lip balms by the tube. I've been quite disappointed with alot of other lip balms, except this. This has no scent and is fairly moisturising but you do need to re-apply this quite often. Rating: 4/5

Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm
This lipbalm does smell like honey, and it has a minty cooling feeling after application. I've used alot in this tube which probably means that I quite like it. It's nothing too fantastic, but it's average in my opinion. Rating: 3.5/5

Hello Kitty Lip Conditioner in Popster
I didn't go into a Hello Kitty craze when the collection was out and I knew that the lip conditioners were selling out really fast. I only came across it when I was travelling and I forgot to pack my lip conditioner. So I decided to give it a go. My mum absolutely loves this because it gives a nice colour and is slightly moisturising. However, the effects only last at most 10 minutes and I have to put on another coat. Not very useful when you need to put a coat of lipstick cos the colours may clash. I do like the caramel smell though. Rating: 3.5/5

Gal Collection, Peach SPF 4
And finally, Gal collection tub, which I was very disappointed. It does smell pretty good being peach and all but I don't quite like the texture on my lips. Rating: 2/5.

So that's all my lip balms... which is enough to convince me not to buy the La Mer Lip Conditioner. I'll stick to my beloved Papaw ointment for now. 

What's your favourite lipbalms? 


eclecticsatire said...

My absolute fav. lip blam has got to be Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick with SPF15.

Totally loving Lucas Papaw too. :D

Tracy said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Claire! I'll definately look out for it when I'm next travelling. :)

Alex said...

You will love kiehl's No.1 lip balm trust me, besides the smell of the balm which I don't really fancy, they are great and price wise, alright i guess, @ $14? $15?

Alex said...

Oh and I don't use eyeshdow primers... do they really work? Which one would you recommend?

:p sorry for the slow reply


Tracy said...

Alex, there's a couple of eyeshadow primers out there. The most highly raved ones would be the Too faced shadow insurance which you can get from Sephora (but they tend to sell out real fast). It's pretty good, shadow stays on and on all day. Good luck in your search :)

Eunice said...

My fave one is L'Occitane in Rose bonbon =)

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