September 8, 2009

My digital perm experience in One Utama, Day 1; shocker!

My hair has been giving the shits lately. It's so unmanageable, messy and flat. It seems to have a life of its own. So I really had it today. I jumped into a cab, got to One-Utama and just went straight to the hair salon not doing alot of research prior to committing myself a hair-do for the next 6 months. Oh man, wait till my hairdresser in Singapore finds out what I did... he'll kill me. My usual hairdresser is a perfectionist, and he did a brilliant job the last time round. Silly me, thinking that digital perms should be about the same, I saw no risk to doing it in KL. Plus, everything is in ringgit.

The best part is that I was meant to be working on powerpoint and emailing instead of being at the salon stressing about why the hairdresser was using small curls and not doing what my usual hairdresser does. Am I happy with the result? Not really. It's freakishly curly. Not at all sexy. Hmm... I'm now crossing my fingers that the curls will relax and I won't look like a mofo.

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