September 7, 2009

My Collection of Eyeshadow Palettes

Here are all my eyeshadow palettes, ranging from Asian to Western brands. If you would like any specific product reviews or swatches on these palettes, do let me know. Yes, I really love eyeshadow palettes :)


eclecticsatire said...

hey dearie,

awesome collection you have there! :D

Alex said...

haha there's sure loads!

so glad i've found your blog. anyway would you mind telling which is the one that you like the best? or perhaps the two or threes'

I'm trying to find something that last (especially in singapore) plus my frequent usage of eyedrops, I really need something that stays~

Look forward to your next post=)

oh and do you mind if we exchange links? I'll link you up anyway~


Tracy said...

Thanks Alex, Claire :)

I seem to love them all but if I had to choose I will definately take my Lunasol and NARS eye palettes. Are you using a eyeshadow primer potion to help your shadows stick?

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