September 8, 2009

Maquillage Lip Swatches - Fall 2009 Collection

Shiseido was distributing sample packs last week which contains trials for their new lipsticks and lipglosses. I was playing around with this freebie (sample for 1 try) and I was quite impressed by some of the colours especially the lip glosses. Wow! It feels amazing on my lips! I'm probably going to grab it when it's released at Changi airport. Why is the model holding starbucks coffee? 
Please note that my natural lip colour is quite pigmented already so the colours may look slightly different on you. But here are the lip swatches...
1. Moisture Rouge, Color on Type Lipstick, RS305 (reddish pink)
2. Moisture Rouge, Color on Type Lipstick, PK244 (mauvey pink)
3. Moisture Rouge, Colour on Type, PK 373 (coral pink)
4. Maquillage Perfect Gloss, PK 353 (bright pink)
5. Maquillage Perfect Gloss, OR 264 (orange)
6. Moisture Rouge, Sheer Type, RS 721(looks brown to me)
I'm in love with RS305 lipstick and the PK 353 lipgloss. I hope this was helpful. I certainly enjoyed playing around these samples!

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