September 3, 2009

Magazine Freebies + August Favourites

It's usually a rare occasion to be at home when there's just enough daylight streaming in to snap some photos. Today, I got fed up of work and decided that I needed to spend some time with my bf (he's getting cranky with my workload). So yay, I'm really happy that I'm home at 7pm instead of my usual 9-10pm routine. In fact, he just walked in so I better make this post real quick!
Today I went to Kinokuniya during my lunch hour. I've been reading beaute runway's blog and saw that she bought the Sweet magazine, which comes with a really cute tote bag from Paul & Joe Sister. 
Seeing that I've never bought a Japanese magazine in my life, I thought it will be worth a try although I don't even know a single word of Japanese. Honestly, I only bought it because of the tote! 
I also came across the L'Officiel magazine, which was offering a free eyeshadow from Ed Pinaud, a French cosmetic line. According to them, the eyeshadow is worth 70 whopping dollars, and you can purchase it in 5 different colours for only $6. I decided to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. There's great pigmentation and the colour is super wearable. Go get them before it runs out at Kinokuniya. 
I got the colour in rose brown. I believe there's a black, green, silvery grey, and blue shades available. You can wear it dry or wet. Here's a close up
This colour will be perfect for just a neutral wash on the lid. The swatch shows up true to the color, a copperish brown similar to MAC cosmic (but less red).
Now comes the August favourites. Everyone has different versions of 'monthly favourites'. But I'm going to mention only worthy products. I love watching/reading monthly favourites but honestly I never get the same excitement than product reviews. My most reached for product in August would be the Origins Out of Trouble Mask. As I travel to India alot, the pollution is intense and using a deep clearing mask really helps to cleanse my skin inside out. I don't like using it as a spot treatment but it's incredibly effective as a 10 minute mask to completely detox your pores.
Next would be my YSL Gloss Pur in 04. This came out with the YSL Spring 09 collection which features several beautiful lipstick shades and a range of non-glittery lipglosses. I love this collection to bits and most of all, I love this shade. It gives the most beautiful pucker with the right colour to brighten your complexion. It also has a nice scent, almost like lilies and candy? 
My next go to item would be the MAC colour crafted MSF in Cheeky Bronze. Surprisingly there was hardly any hype on this before the launch of the collection. And then suddenly all the Youtube gurus were giving it a note worthy mention. In a few days, all the stores in Singapore were out of stock. I loved the peachy and bronzy tone to this MSF, which makes it perfect for an evening blush. 
Maquillage foundations never came to Singapore until they heard the cries of the asian women who needed foundation that could resist the heat and humidity for 8 hours. So finally they released this foundation range, which has a medium to high coverage and is so long-lasting. I'm sometimes worried that I'm not washing it off completely. It gives a nice complexion, which I love. I use it when I need to look my best for functions/events. 
Lastly, I haven't given this baby enough TLC until recently. Usually, I opt for safer colours when I go to work but I realise that MAC mutiny can give a nice wash of colour without looking too overdone. So I give my final August credits to MAC pigment in Mutiny
Here is an EOTD using MAC mutiny, MAC cheeky bronze MSF and Maquillage foundation
Yay! It's Friday tomorrow. This means my sleeping marathon is drawing near! :) Toodles

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just found your blog! you're very pretty!!

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