September 28, 2009

Korres Cinnamon & Natural Clay Mask

I've been on a bit of a mask-binge lately. I'm also on a diet after all that food in Copenhagen. My body needs a serious detox, and so does my skin. Today, I'm doing a review of the Korres Cinnamon & Natural Clay Mask.

This product is designed for oily ladies with 'imperfections'. What a nice way to say blemishes, pimples, clogged pores and all that! It comprises of white and pink argils (?), natural clay with oil absorbing properties, an active ingredient derived from cinnamon, zinc to regulate sebum, sage and willowherb as an antimicrobial agent. Additionally, they claim that the ingrediants remove a temperature maintaining sebum layer. I'm not exactly sure how this helps in oily skin conditions and I can't seem to find any evidence supporting this claim.

Mind you, it's a tiny tube with only 60ml (2.03 fl oz). It practically looks like, feels like, and half the size of your regular Colgate toothpaste. Not exactly good value for money for the small quantity you're getting.

Thank god it doesn't smell or spread like toothpaste. It has a nice scent, not exactly cinnamon but maybe a spicy-ish fruity smell. It's not very thick in texture and spreads very easily.

The instructions tell you to apply a thin layer of this on clean dry skin for 10 minutes. After application, it feels quite cooling unlike my Origins Out of Trouble Mask which heats up on contact with your skin. After rinsing, I noticed a marginal improvement of my skin. Yes, the oiliness is gone and the additional plus point would be that it's not too drying like other clay masks. However, that said it's only an ok for me. Good but not HG status.

My Ratings

What masks have you tried worth buying?


MiuMiu said...

thanks for the reivew! i've been on a bit of a mask craze about a month ago when i went to hong kong, and bought waaay too many beauty diary masks XD

Tracy said...

Oh dang, I missed the Beauty Diary masks when I was in HK 3 months back. I must get my hands next time. I see that some other bloggers are getting into this brand. Any good?

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