September 6, 2009

Givenchy Poetique Blues Fall 2009 Haul!

I've been waiting for this collection to be released for way too long. I saw that it was released at Isetan Scotts about 2 weeks ago but I felt like I should give the sales to this lovely SA at Metro Paragon. I personally believe that good SAs generally give you their honest opinion and are less pushy (or bitchy when you don't get anything from them). I only have a handful of SAs whom I will get my stuff from. Givenchy is a classic example of great service without being too pushy. So last week my SA rang to inform me of the 20% direct discount at Metro, and I was thanking the heavens! lol! A beauty junky always appreciates some wallet-relief now and then!
I made a list of the things that I wanted, and I'm glad I didn't go overboard. Seriously, I couldn't condense my list any further. This is really the best that I could do and you'll see why!
Givenchy isn't a very popular cosmetic line in Singapore. I love their reading glasses, but I never bought anything makeup related from them. I guess it's the fear of wearing 'old ladies' makeup'. I take that back now, it's definately NOT old ladies makeup!
First up, I got the limited edition lipstick in 45 Poetique Iris. It's a sheer mauve pink and is moisturising on the lips.
When I saw this eyeliner, I knew I had to get it. It's the most beautiful blue eyeliner that I have ever seen in my life! 
I saw Temptalia's lip swatches of the Gloss Interdit and I was really drawn to the 06 Lilac Confession. 
This is must-get item for me. Ever since I saw the first promo images, I knew I had to get it! Isn't the packaging so pretty?
There are a couple of beauty bloggers out there who've made reviews on this palette. Check out Autumn Masquerade's blog here. Now I'm craving peanut M&Ms... 
Next up, I was debating between the loose powder under this collection or the previous one, which is less sparkly and more beige. I decided to grab the older collection since I have a few sparkly loose powders already. 
The loose powder is separated by 4 compartments. Looking forward to trying it!
And finally, some GWP. A few skin care samples here and there. I was really excited when I saw the lipglosses in 04 Rose Taboo and 03 Coral Frenzy, which are all new shades as well! Almost like getting a full free lipgloss in cute deluxe versions. 
She also gave me a patent red wallet. 
I guess I could use this for my boarding passes, passport and all the miscellaneous stuff I need to bring with me for my travels. 
I will be doing a few reviews of these items soon. 
Other news, I'm getting really stressed at work. I suddenly have 3 bosses in a span of 4 weeks, all who are particularly demanding. So I'm now a regular yoga go-er. This is the most regularly practised pose at all yoga classes... downward facing dog or an inverted V. 
Even animals are doing yoga too. A lioness doing a downward facing cat!
I'm heading over to KL tomorrow so I might be MIA depending on the internet connectivity in the room. So till then, I hope you're all having a great Sunday!

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HuanHuan said...

nice haul!^^
the givenchy palette is really really pretty^^

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