September 16, 2009

Givenchy Parad'Eyes Liner in No. 5

It seems like I did my Givenchy haul quite ages ago but it's only been 10 days! I must say I was quite taken aback when I swatched The Givenchy Parad'Eyes Liner at the Metro counter. It would be easily the most pigmented and intense blue eyeliner I have ever seen to date. It's limited edition, which the flower is representative of the Fall 2009 collection.  
The product packaging is an absolute delight. You will see the typical Givenchy logo on the top of the product. Stylish and sleek packaging is always a plus for me!
Twisting the cap, you come across a small MAC 209-ish brush. Although, the con would be the glob you will get when the product is still new. But it's a decent brush and is relatively easy to use for precise lines. However, the thickness of the line depends on how much product you have on the brush. I must say that it's not very beginners friendly though.

There's also about 3mL in this little nifty eyeliner pot. 
The colour comes across as intensely pigmented with some slight blue sparkle. Apparently, it's meant to have a combination of a resin and 2 polymers making it super resistant to heat and humidity. I will probably have to agree with that after an 8 hour day. However, it is not as water resistant as Bobbi Brown gel liners. It was pretty easy to rinse off under the tap (go figure!). Stays well on the skin but rinses off with water?!
I must admit that it does take pretty long for the ink to dry, making it unbearable and messy if you were to blink halfway. Although the colour is really pretty when you intend to do the winged look. However, I must say that I still prefer my gel-liners because of the control factor. My hands tend to get shakey and the brush is definately harder to use than my regular 209 brush.
So will I recommend this product? Probably, however you should get the hang of liquid eyeliners first before you make the plunge. It's not my HG yet until I get the hang of the brush.
Have you tried it?

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