September 14, 2009

Crayons make me smile :D

For those girls who are enjoying the L'oreal private sale today, I'm super jealous! :( Even then, I probably can't take leave just to buy makeup. Work has been super crazy today and it'll get worse tomorrow. Just when I thought my hell has just started cos I needed to clean, cook (blah blah blah) I came home to a parcel...

This made me smile... it reminds me of when I was a kid playing with colouring books and peeling off those paper crayons on Singapore Airlines. It made me realise that makeup can be really affordable if you actually do some research. I'll have to post my other NYX goodies when I have better lighting (sorry!)
I think I should do some reviews on drugstore items, since some of them really are worth a mention. Afterall, aren't we in a recession?
I hope everyone is surviving Monday; I certainly didn't! 

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