September 27, 2009

Back from Copenhagen and super jet-lagged

I am back from Copenhagen! I've been on a business trip for the last 5 days and just touched down today. Sorry, I haven't been able to upload any pictures the last few days. But I must say I really loved this city and it has its own Scandinavian sophisticated flare.

This is the view from my hotel room. I shared a room with my colleague at the First Hotel. It's very designer-ish and super mega expensive too!

Here is the famous little Mermaid, which surprisingly looks really small. She will be visiting Beijing for 6 months and the Danish citizens will probably miss her while she's gone. The word going around is that she's being exhibited overseas so that the Danish politicians get free travel to China.

This city is pretty much surrounded by water. All the houses lined along the bank reminds me of Venice. Except this city ain't sinking.

This is a church with a staircase winding around it. Very unique.

More river banks...

Did you know Carlsberg is from Denmark? Although I didn't drink a single drop of Carlsberg when I was there. Probably because it's so global, and is available almost at every bar in Asia.

Now for the food! Shrimp and avocado sandwich. YUMM!

Scrumptious caesar salad...

Veal. Are you drooling yet?

Danish dishes are mostly fish.

Here's a popular Danish fish here... They're all pretty healthy bunch too.

Followed by a 'chocolate symphony'. I had probably a few orgasms over and over! lol!

My colleague had an apple pie with ice cream.

And the sorbet is to die for!

Here's a funny street performer doing a one-man band. He's got all his moves coordinated,

Shopping in Copenhagen is uber expensive. They have extra taxes on top of the usual 25% VAT for luxury goods. Although, the Danish do earn relatively higher wages so the main shopping lane was super busy. Nice shops, mostly dominated by H&M, Zara and the lovely Magasin and Illum department store where I can't afford a single thing! I totally ignored cosmetic shopping, it was just too expensive.

However, I did end up getting 3 scarves! :)

I was expecting to get ALOT more GOSH cosmetics. You're probably really disappointed at me with this pathetic 'haul'. I did notice that it wasn't cheap either, being priced at 78DKK each for the 'dazzledusts', which is equivalent to SGD25. So yeah, I only bought 2.

The nailpolish is super quick drying and consistent. I like! Color is in 543 Pink Rose.

Colours in Sunstone and Kiss. They're generally sheer colours but very pretty!

It's been a really nice trip to Copenhagen. I wouldn't mind going back again, especially to make a side trip to Berlin and Prague. I didn't do it this time because I don't like traveling alone around Eastern Europe.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! I'm so sad I have to get back to work tomorrow with a horrendous jet-lag.


Eunice said...

wow copenhagen looks so nice..=D
I thought you would buy more gosh products too..=D
well, in europe drug store products are not as cheap as they are in the US, I guess.. still quite expensive, if we pay a bit more, we will get mac already

but it's ok... you went to copenhagen,so who care?!I am so jealous =D

Tracy said...

haha, exactly my thought when I was doing the quick maths at the store.
I wouldn't mind coming over to Netherlands where you are. I'm missing the weather already!

Cheryl said...

Wow make up prices have really inflated crazily since I stopped buying them after I passed the age of 24, 25 and had wayyy too much to finish.

Back in 2002 - 03, Watsons stocked this low key Aussie brand that had all these loose pigments in various colours for only $5 a pop. Worked as well.

Tracy said...

Cheryl: I know, tell me about it. They say that the recession has in fact increased the beauty addiction. Instead of buying the nice prada pumps, you're getting YSL lipsticks. Oh well, once in a while you see a great bargain and that's when you go a little too crazy! You certainly can't go wrong with $41 Guerlain eyeshadow palettes.

You're in Singapore or Australia currently?

Rae said...

Ugh, everything looks so gorgeous!! Sounds like you had a good trip -- yay! That church is so stunning.

(It's too bad you couldn't have picked up more GOSH, though. We have it in Canada and it isn't too expensive, just under MAC prices and it goes on sale quite often. I haven't found a GOSH product that I haven't loved yet!)

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