September 11, 2009

Another Prescription Regimen

Ever since I started working in Singapore, my skin has suffered badly. I blame it on the heat and humidity and largely ignore stress as a possible factor. How could you possibly blame work when you enjoy it the most? But now that I have been told so many times, there could be some truth to it since my workload has tripled and I'm travelling constantly without a moment of rest during the day. So it's no wonder my skin has erupted like Krakatoa! I  try not to get upset about my skin but sometimes you do feel saddened when you've tried so many things but they never work. I've gone through so many dermatologists and products (drugstore, high-end and even prescription) but to my bitter disappointment. 

2 weeks ago, I got really fed up of using Differin Gel and seeing no results even after using for weeks. I needed something alot more effective. Perhaps I could try Roaccutane, but it also means I can't have brazillians or eyebrow waxes.  My doctor was hesitant to give it to me considering all the side effects. Not to mention, my skin will be so severely irritated that I'll look like a freak when I meet my clients. Today's experience was comforting since I had a good 15 minute discussion with my dr to rule out alot of possible factors that are causing my acne.
Hey, it's still not cheap but it's alot more affordable than going to Pat Yuen at Paragon. She charges like I live in bungalows at Nassim Road or something. She's ridiculously expensive. 
So this is what I came back with. 2 creams and 2 sets of antibiotics from the National Skin Center. 
My patient leaflet says that I'm going to be experience peeling, redness and dryness. Yipiee! LOL! You should have seen the pharmacist. When I heard the word 'dryness', I was rejoicing. Look, I have the most oilest skin and it's real nice to get dry skin for once. Okay, it's not a nice sensation to have dry skin. But it's all part of the healing process.

So yeah, bring it on! Dry the 'mudafukas' out!!! (sorry, excuse my 'singlish'... i meant sebaceous glands). 
I hope it all goes well, will keep you updated!

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