August 30, 2009

My Powder Foundation Compacts - comparative review

I've never really used powder foundations until I came to Asia. I find that my oily skin fares better with some form of compact. Even without powder, I start getting a shine after an hour. Frustrating as it is, I hate to touch up during the day. So for me it's important to find a powder foundation that gives me enough coverage without slipping mid-day. So here's a low-down of the powder foundations that I currently own. 
My shades are: Shu Uemura 974 Natural Glow, RMK 102, P&J 15 Sable (old formulation)

RMK Powder Foundation EX, SPF 24, Shade 102
First up, I got the new RMK Powder Foundation EX in Hong Kong. The retail price in Singapore is $105 I believe, which is horrendously expensive compared to other high-end brands. I've been using this recently on my travels. Honestly speaking, I'm not too impressed by the oil control as I develop a shine after a few hours. However, that said, the powder is incredibly soft and finely milled, making it a great choice for ladies with normal and dry skin. It does not come up as cakey and the color choices are plenty. The sponge is very soft and high quality.  Also, the powder is separated, with the top part with soft shimmer to give the skin a dewy look, whilst the bottom part with the usual matte powder.
My ratings
Value - 3/5
Quality - 5/5
Oil Control - 3/5
Coverage - Medium/Light
Cons - lack of oil control
Overall - 3.5/5

Shu Uemura Natural Glow Finish SPF 22, Shade 974
Next, my Shu Uemura Natural Glow in 974 in the fairest shade (yes, I really was that WHITE before!). It's probably my first powder compact, which was about 2 years ago. I only use it now and then as I've found better foundation alternatives. I've bought backups since then in other shades but I haven't even finished this one yet. The sponge that comes with it has already fallen apart. I had to buy the compact separately, which I don't like. The oil control is pretty good with this foundation and coverage is medium. However, that said, it can be quite cakey and not suitable for ladies with combination skin. The most obvious con with this powder is the tendency to oxidise big time. 
My ratings
Value - 4/5
Quality - 4.5/5
Oil Control - 4/5
Coverage - Medium
Cons - Oxidises easily
Overall - 4/5

Shu Uemura Depsea Perfect Water-in-cake Foundation, SPF 18, shade 775
I bought the next one on a whim, and not really considering whether it'll suit my skin. To be frank, I was quite disappointed with this range. It claims that it has deep sea ingredient making it hydrating to the skin. That is a whole load of BS in my opinion. In fact, it's so creamy and makes my skin feel like there's a third layer. After about 2 hours, the shine is really obvious. The color choices are a bit strange and comes across as quite yellow. It's also quite hard to spread unless your skin is super super hydrated. 
I think Shu Uemura has realised that it's not quite so good a range and has discontinued it. Again, you need to buy the case separately. 
My ratings
Value - 2/5
Quality - 2/5
Oil Control - 1/5
Coverage - Medium/high
Cons - strange color choice, hard to spread and weird packaging
Overall - 2/5 (I regret getting this!)

Paul & Joe Protective Dual Powder Foundation, SPF 25 PA++, Shade 15 Sable
Finally, the P&J Protective Dual Foundation. P&J has since revamped this line and it now comes in a pretty off-white casing. This is the old version and I got this at a discounted price. The powder quality is less superior than RMK but there is no oxidation at all which is a plus! On the pan, the color looks really dark but when swatched it gives a nice soft color that blends well with the skin. I will give ratings once I've tried this. 
My ratings
Value - 3/5
Quality - 3/5
Oil Control - 4.5/5
Coverage - light to medium
Cons - coverage is too light for blemishes and scars
Overall - 3.5/5

Anyway, hope that you are all having a wonderful weekend at home, watching the rain and all. I wanted to go do some yoga today but the rain didn't stop. So I'm at home mending a sick and stubborn bf who won't go to the dr. Men... they're all babies, i swear. 

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Anne said...

hi how do you choose your foundation shade in rmk? im nc30 in mac. planning to buy rmk foundation online. thanks

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