August 11, 2009

Jill Stuart Summer 2009 Colors

I apologise for the lack of posts lately as I have been 1. very busy with work 2. lazy to use my work lappie to blog. But I do read everyone's blogs and I love that they can devote so much time & effort to keeping this writing hobby up. I must say, it's not easy! My schedule has been really intense lately so I have struggled to find the right lighting to do swatches and FOTDs so I apologise from the bottom of my heart! One day, I'll wake up early enough to do EOTD... (will I?)

So today I will be showing you the Summer 2009 collection that I got from Taiwan back in June. It's quite belated but this is my JS collection to date. Very small... for now. But I was drawn into the sweet & intricate packaging of this JS collection.

So I got myself the jelly eye color in 02 gold light, 01 baby blush (part of the permanent collection) and the 07 layered gem. These 3 things really blew a hole in my pocket so I found it easy to refrain from major damage. Lucky (& not so lucky) that JS can't be found in Singapore.

You can easily do soft smokey eye looks with this palette. I wish I got more of the jelly eye colors after watching Fuz videos!

The texture of the eyshadows are unbelievably soft. Pigmentation is amazing too but it does have a tendency to fall out especially with the chunky glitter. I find that particularly so from the first silver shade so I use this in moderation. All these shades have a subdued glittery effect. Glittery enough to give a three dimensional effect without looking OTT.

The jelly pots are quite fascinating! It's literally bouncy and spongy just like 8 year old boys playing gooey glow-in-the-dark playdough. And the gitter is INTENSE! I mean, it's really OTT so don't overdo it! I chose this color cos it has a gold & silver sparkle.

Now for the blush... isn't the packaging to die for? it comes with a separate brush, which I hardly use. The powder has a soft rose scent, but is not too overpowering. I got the baby blush as I didn't want to look too blushed on. Seriously, Asian ladies do have a tendency to pack on the blush which makes them look quite scary. I must agree it was a safe choice and I should try to explore more daring colors next time.

Individual swatches of the blush is very subtle. I apologise for the terrible ghastly white lighting but I am doing this at 9pm at night! The swatches actually look better in real life, very soft & gentle. Again, not too OTT.

I'll be heading to Penang for 2 days tomorrow, which is quite exciting... I've been asked to do some leadership reading. Alot to read with little spare time, but it's an interesting book with lots of good principles. I should do a couple of book reviews in a separate blog but here's what I'm reading right now.

Leadership has got nothing to do on what position or title you have. Most importantly, it's how you influence people. Everyone has an ability to lead, and these skills can all be developed.
So far so good...And guess what?! I've depotted all my MAC eyeshadows successfully without creating too much of a mess! I'm so happy :)
I will do a post on what materials I used and it's really easy! You don't even need to have a hair straightener to do this. These are all domestic products that you probably have at home. I'm probably going to get myself a few of the Starflash eyeshadows that have been released 2 weeks back (I think?) I hope you have a wonderful short week & I will update again when I come back Malaysia. Cheerios!

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