August 16, 2009

Cool Eyes for the Weekend

So yes, I'm back from Penang (2 days ago actually). I've been pre-occupied with my Eclipse book (part of the Twilight series). Oh my god, Bella Swan is quite a character in this series. I wish had a bit more special effects. But anyway, let me not side-track. I had to go to Penang for work and I had no chance to go to Georgetown unfortunately. It's a beautiful town with some great scenary and it's only an hour from the relaxing Langkawi.

This is my hotel room @ Gurney Hotel, very spacious. Not the best hotel I've stayed at coz it's quite old. But the location is perfect, where you can find plenty of food and beaches. A favourite tourist spot.
This is the view from my hotel room. Sorry, no pictures from outside coz I was stuck at meetings all day. Defeats the purpose, huh? But yeah, it's nice.
I was disappointed that I didn't get to eat penang laksa. I had to take some of my Indian clients out for their comfort food coz they can't eat the Malaysian stuff. So I went to this Indian restaurant called Palace of India. Very lavishly decorated with ornaments all over the place. Food was excellent as well. I highly recommend the mutton curry or whatever it's called.

I'm now back in Singapore, and god it's so friggin hot today. I was cursing & swearing on my way home when I had to walk this 5 minute stretch from the bus stop to my apartment. I was sweating a bomb and I hate wearing jeans in this kind of weather. I also can't imagine wearing foundation in this humidity. It's torturous!

But I was bored so today I did a EOTD with plenty of blues, teals & purples just to spice it up a little. Below, you'll see my base makeup (as usual). I've started to use Maquillage as my foundation as it covers my acne better than my other lighter foundations. I do find it quite cakey if you don't blend it enough. My acne has been bothering me big time lately. Possibly because I've started to use my Differin(R) gel again and it smells quite funny. I used it for 2 nights and BAM my skin overreacted! *sigh* So now I have a couple of zits like friggin volcanos on my face. :( Lesson learnt - never used expired products.

I never use blues, maybe because I'm too scared to look too overdone. But hey, doesn't hurt to experiment a little on the weekend.

First up, I used TFSI, followed by a silvery white cream base from the Maquillage palette. I then placed the Laniege teal color (G764 golden indigo) on the inner part of the eye blending it on the bottom lash line. I then placed the purple Shu Ueumura (ME 700) on the outer crease. To emphasise the crease, I used a black Shu Uemura (P 990) on the tip of the outer crease with a pencil brush blending the crease colors together. I used a pink Shu Uemura (ME 800) between the purple & teal to give a holographic contrast.

I lined my water line, then topped it off with MAC zoom lash.

Here's a close up.

I couldn' be stuffed using false lashes but I bet it'll look super hot. On the face, I used Pink swoon & a Lunasol glittery gold lipgloss.

Not too over the top. :)

Have a great Sunday afternoon chilling. Ciao!

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