August 1, 2009

Mailbox surprrrissseee!!

Today is seriously my day for makeup! I had a nice surprise from my postman this morning with my delivery from borderlinx! For anyone who wants to buy from the U.S., Borderlinx is incredibly efficient! I think I've said that many times before, but they've never failed to impress me!
This is my belated MAC Sumo 25% off & the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I've been a bit late on getting my goodies simply because I rather consolidate my orders and save on shipping costs.

This is what I hauled from MAC:
  • MAC 209 Brush
  • MAC Stars & Rockets
  • MAC Texture
  • MAC Expensive Pink
  • MAC Pro palette (never depotted my eyeshadows before...)
  • MAC Just a Pinch Gel Blush (Rose Romance Collection)
  • MAC Vanilla pigment (because everyone talks about it!)
  • MAC Loverock (am very late on this simply coz I wasn't too sure and then it sold out!)

I'm really looking forward to depotting all my MAC eyeshadows so I can give more room for my other makeup. LOL!

From Nordstrom, I got myself a re-supply of the Clarisonic sensitive brush head (pretty expensive at $25) and the Bobbi Brown nude palette that I was eyeing from the Isetan 10% sales. Couldn't help myself! :)

I need to book myself an eyebrow appointment... Can't possibly use eyeshadow with grizzy bear looking eyebrows! haha!

I'm wondering where I should get magnets & candle wax paper to depot all my current MAC eye shadows. Should I start with Daiso?

I always save the best for last... I'm more excited about this than all my makeup combined. Kate spade from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Yes! A new wallet! I love leather & the colour is real nice and bright! woohoo!

I have a problem with collecting cards. I must get rid of some coz it'll eventually ruin any wallet. But isn't the inside really pretty? I love it! It's time to say goodbye to my freebie P&J wallet. Haha! Nice at first but eventually it just looks cheap (or maybe I'm sick of it).


Katrina said...

hi! i'm thinking of ordering from nordstrom and having shipped through borderlinx and was just curious how much did the shipping cost for you? i've noticed that the boxes was huge and found out from a friend that borderlinx also base the cost on volumetric weight. hope to hear from u soon.. thanks!

Tracy said...

Hi Katrina. It would depend on how much you buy from nordstrom because the shipping costs is based on volumetric and weight. So far, shipping should costs around 30-40 dollars. Nordstrom does have a tendency to Use bigger boxes which jacks up the price too. Hope that helps.

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