July 15, 2009

NARS 9944 Palette Swatches + FOTD

I have an obsession over NARS makeup, especially the blushes. My Hong Kong shopping list always has 1-2 must-get NARS items. Occasionally I can't bear to wait and I shop online. A few months ago, I got myself the 9944 palette. This palette is basically the typical nudes and really easy to wear shades to go to work or meetings. I've been grabbing this palette two days in a row now and I'll probably use it again tomorrow. I love how versatile and soft the textures are. If I'm not wrong this palette is a limited edition but if you do come across it, do swatch it and you'll be surprised at how lovely the colours are.
Sometimes my lighting doesn't do me any justice. The picture below is a better representation of the colours. 

From left to right: Belissima I, All About Eve II, Bali. 

I love to use Belissima I around my tear duct to open my eyes. And Bali is my HG crease colour. The texture is incredibly smooth and pigmented. When I first used it, I overdid the colour and had to start all over again. Moderation is key!
From left to right: All About Eve I, Kalahari I, Kalahari II

These colours are typical lid colours. I really love the middle shade (kalahari I) as it has a slightly pink and brown undertone. Really soft and subtle. 

Sometimes bare is more. I just want to keep my makeup really minimal these days coz I hate to strike attention for myself amongst my colleagues. This morning it was pissing down rain, making me incredibly sleepy and moody. I was in no mood to go to work at all. Even my lighting is depressing. :(

My eyemakeup I used today...

Been feeling really exhausted and demotivated lately. I honestly believe that everyone has a sphere of influence on mind energy levels. If you're in a good mood, others around you will feel it. But if everyone else is feeling pessimistic and negative, it inevitably affects you too. I sit across a guy who's always frowning and is incredibly critical. I feel the energy suck out of me at all times. I don't even need to talk to him and I feel like a pessimist all day. 

I can't let that affect the way I work. So I'm going to do regular yoga to strengthen my mind and body. I hope I can eventually block his negative energy and focus on my own. I've already done a few sessions of hot yoga and I managed to achieve this posture which I've been struggling everytime. It really shows how powerful your mind can be. 

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