July 12, 2009

Metro haulage

Yesterday was the first day of the Metro 20% cardmember sales. So i decided to get some things since I had some vouchers from the last sale. This is the best sale of all the department stores in Singapore. Since it's a 20% voucher rebate form for most of the major brands, you can still get a direct discount for some selected perfumes, Clarins and Givenchy. The sale continues till this Sunday and I believe it's open to the public. I signed up as Metro card member the last time by purchasing SGD$150 instead of the usual SGD$500. 

The sales can be quite crazy so I usually reserve my items the day before. The pleasure of shopping with no other shoppers makes the experience alot more enjoyable. The MUA at Shiseido can be quite bitchy so I generally want to keep my interactions there short and sweet. 

All in all, I bought this loot for $39! Well, that's because I had a voucher rebate. 

(from left to right) Juicy Couture 50mL EDP ($110), Origins Out of Trouble ($42), Ettusais Medicated acne T-zone ($37), Shiseido Pureness anti-shine refreshing lotion ($41), Shiseido Pureness Mattifying Moisturiser ($50), Shiseido the makeup Hydro-powder eye shadow in H6 and H10 ($39).

Shiseido's main makeup up line has never grabbed my attention that much. Apart from the mascara base which has a huge cult following, I was never keen on their makeup. But ever since I started using Maquillage, I have found that the quality was excellent and texture beautiful. So I decided to take the plunge to grab 2 hydro-powder eye shadows as the swatches were beautiful with plenty of gentle shimmers. 

Ever since I've returned from Dehli, I felt that my skin needed a heavy-duty mattifier but at the same time, a water quenching treat. I was seriously dehydrated and my acne has gotten worse! I was fed up of feeling like a greasy oil slick by 4 hours. After reading a few reviews on makeupalley, I felt that I could invest in some skincare products by Shiseido. I got myself the mattifying moisturiser and the "heavy-duty" toner. 

Yes, I've been on the kick to really ramp up my skincare line. I get really lazy with my skincare and I use the minimal amount of products. But I find that my t-zone is way too oily so I need extra help to keep it matte. I have never used Ettusais before and I found their acne line quite interesting. So I chose this tube instead of purchasing the Kanebo Impress Serum that costs a whopping $79. 

This is also my first time using Origins. I've always wondered if their products were a little too organic for me. I've used Jurlique products before but didn't find them that effective. From that point on, I've always hesitated to get organic skincare. Although, I heard from makeupalley of the possible miracles that this mask can deliver as a overnight spot treatment. Sure enough, I've decided to give this product a go since my skin was seriously in 'trouble'.

And finally, I bought a Juicy Couture EDP 50mL as a gift. 

So that's my haulage yesterday. Just a quick update, I'm wondering if I should change my blog into a website as it's having some problems on blogger.com. Share with me your comments! Ta!

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JennXOXO said...

I use the Shiseido Pureness face wash & I love it! Nice haul! :)

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