July 16, 2009

Isetan 10% Sales + bobbi brown nude palette

Ladies, Isetan is having a 10% sale for cardmembers today and tomorrow. Isetan never has direct discounts so it certainly stirred some excitement in me! When I got there I was surprised that it was generally quiet. WTH? Normally, Isetan sales can be really busy. I guess 10% just ain't good enough?

MAC also has a 10% off. Hey, that's pretty good in my opinion. If I didn't haul my color craft, I would certainly pick up some items. 

I didn't end up getting anything though. I swatched the new Bobbi Brown nude palette which looks really gorgeous. Promotion details can be found on Beaute Runway as well. 

Swatches under bright light and orangey light... Snapping this using my iphone with no macro function. BUT, i do like the shimmer compared to my NARS 9944 palette. 

Sorry, I didn't ask the price. SA was rude. *sigh* But now I have a big time lemming for this. 


Tracy said...

I like that shimmer Brick! Bobbi Brown's SAs aren't so friendly eh?

Liparazzi said...

I love all the shimmer bricks, there are some good copies around now though. Great post x

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