July 13, 2009

Guerlain hauling!

If you're not a follower of cozycot then you're really missing out on some good deals in Singapore. Ever since I came across these forums, I've been hauling right left center like nobody's business. It's almost like money grows on trees. Luckily I know a bunch of awesome 'cotters' that share the knowledge of great sales like today's one. 

Lately, Guerlain has been quite active on their promotions. They say it's because of the recession. I just think they need to get rid of their stocks and they're taking this opportunity to convert people during these dire times. Good strategy. 

I'm their little lamb for today. 3 days ago, I hauled a shit load of eye makeup. Probably unnecessarily too. But I can't help it if they were all 50% off! Unbelievable right?
Do you like my carpet? :)

First up, my mascara in brown. It's 2 way mascara, one side for volumising and another for lengthening. This thing is massively long. I don't think I can bring it in my gym bag. LOL. It looks like it can be a torch lighter. 

These eye shadow singles are very beautiful. Mind you, not all of the singles have good payoff. I felt that the darker shade can't be duplicated. The colour would be described as a dark charcoal grey with green and brown reflects. I bought another single for my ex-boss back in Melbourne. She's gonna flip out seeing I splurged Guerlain on her but not at that kind of price she's expecting! 

My swatch lighting is quite poor... shucks.
This quad sold out real fast. This spring collection is really unique with all fresh pastel-ish colours. Aichaku bought the same quad.  

And I bought the turquoise as it resembles really closely as the summer 09 quad which wasn't on sale unfortunately. Its a close dupe and the colours are really nice, nothing that I have. 

Now I'm contemplating the next promotion:

Posted by pinkyfemme on Cozycot: 

Selling for $180 instead of $260
1. Meteorites perles makeup base
2. powder for the face, it's a 02 pink fresh blush
3. lipstick (620 red shine) but not exactly bright red but very pretty plum red suitable for daily use

No... I don't think so. I think I need to stop spending seriously! Girls, don't tempt me!

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