August 1, 2009

Duty Free Haul # 2

Hi girls, I'm so sorry for the lack of posts in the last 2 weeks. Blogger still has some issues with MAC computers so I'm temporarily using my work laptop to write posts. I've also been working & travelling quite heavily, having just arrived back from Delhi this very morning. Everytime I go to India, I'm always amazed by the people and the culture. Although, I must admit that Indians have the greatest knack in surviving the worst conditions period. They have the worst pollution, too much red tape, terrible infrastructure, poverty striken, and the most unhealthiest diets. But here we're talking about the fastest growing economy and you can see it in the people. They are so hungry and passionate to make their society a better one. God, I love my job!
But before I ramble too much, I want to show you what makeup I packed for 5 days. Very minimal as you can see. I keep my makeup really nude when I'm having client meetings.

I did some duty free hauls @ Changi airport. I was so tempted to buy the new YSL fall 09 collection, which comes with 2 eyeshadow quads, a few new rouge voluptes, 3 cream blushes and I believe 1 beauty powder. This collection should already be at department stores.

I wasn't quite sure if I wanted this cream blush until I swatched it. It has a soft velvety touch! And the packaging (as with all YSL) is superb. I bought this colour in #2 and it's slightly cheaper in the airport (I believe at $55).

Here's the swatch after 1 swipe. It's the pinkiest of the 3 other cream blushes.

it spreads like a dream. It makes your cheeks have a natural flush, as opposed to Bobbi Brown's "look at my cheeks" pot rouges. BB pot rouges make me look like a tranny. Sorry for those who love it, but for me it just didn't work.

And I grabbed the eyeshadow quad instantly... guess which colour I bought...?

Yup, this one. Although, I realised that the top left colour isn't meant to be purple. Maybe this is the airport version? I don't know... But the actual color should be a grey, which you'll see in department stores. But anyway, I was drawn to the pink (left bottom color) and I was thinking "I must get this". lol! I'm such a maniac!

Yes, oh my god... when I saw this I got really excited. Luckily, my colleague has a transfer flight to HK and she bought this for me today to avoid taxes. It's the Guerlain Fall 09 collection out @ DFS! My heart was doing little sommersaults when I saw it from afar.

This is what I call love at first sight. I don't even want to use it cos it looks so pretty!

And the packaging is absolutely exquisite.

Here's a close up. I will do swatches later. I'm going to oogle at it some more before I mess up the imprints. lol! Yes, a sign of a beauty junkie... I know, I've heard it before!


aichaku-愛着 said...

omg that guerlain quad is gorgeous!!!

Jenn said...

Hi Tracy,

I actually like the purple version more than the grey. I think the purple version is only sold in asia.

The colors in the givenchy palettes are on the softer side but you can build up the pigmentation a bit. I think my lighting and skintone make the colors look a bit more faded.=/

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