June 18, 2009

My upcoming MAC delivery...

With the F&F MAC sale, it makes sense to purchase things that you've hesitated initially. With my hoard of makeup, I'm trying to make smarter makeup decisions. So I've passed on some MAC makeup items, such as the BBR which I'm now completely regretting! We hear of the Colour Craft collection out soon in US stores on the 7th July. I think I will be getting ALOT of the MSFs that I missed out at from the MAC BBR collection. 

So I've ordered my MAC products online using the Borderlinx Concierge Service. I am thoroughly impressed by the service they have given me time and time again. The exchange rate is also comparable. I do recommend that before any MAC F&F sale, you place the order 3 days before the first day. I didn't do it this time which meant that I had to regretfully take out the MAC 138 brush and the Mineralize Blush in Moon River. 

I'm surprised that I only have 2 MAC mineralize blushes! MAC Dainty & Warm Soul... Funnily, I'm really proud of the fact that I only have these two! haha!

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