April 5, 2009

Kose mini-haul, April

I've been doing way too much shopping lately. I haven't even cleared my shopping bag from the last purchase and I'm already on to something else. It's amazing how many sales are on in Singapore and it's getting impossible to refrain from them. I really need a detox from the whole sales craze and isolate myself with some good reads...

So anyway, I quickly discovered that there was a promotion going on with Kose white mask going for $18 instead of the RRP of $35 at all Kose counters. The lovely SA let me fill a blank form and there you have it, $18 for my first Kose purchase. Promotion ends today and details are found at the kose.com.sg website. 

Also got myself two of the 100ml Kose Lotion (basic blue bottle), which supposedly helps to tighten pores and increase hydration. Can't go wrong with $25 either. This deal can only be found at Robinsons Raffles City. 

That following night I tried the kose white mask and was shocked that it's BLACK! I thought it said 'white'? Anyway, I read the instructions; which is to smear on an even layer avoiding the eyes, lips and hairline. After about 20 minutes, it completely dries up and from the bottom up, you peel the whole thing off to leave you with some impressive results! Oh my god! You should have seen all the whiteheads and oil-heads coming out of that sheet! Amazing stuff! It was like my face has binged into a whole bucket of kentucky fried chicken grease. 

I decided to get another tube, knowing that I'll probably finish the tube pretty quickly. I'm sold into Kose. I nearly got the supreme white skincare set but I held myself since I knew that I have way too many skincare stocked up at my fridge already. Next time! 

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