December 8, 2008

Breaking the bank (again)
Purchases I made today... *
So lately, I've purchased the 2 cream eyeshadows from MAC metal urge limited edition collection... and once I got home, I logged onto MUA and realized that it creases even under UDPP! I was further confirmed by a youtube makeup guru, and she says that the only way not to make it crease is to have a base of liquidlast liner. I was flabbergasted! In my head I was thinking that it's insane to be covering your eyelid with white eyeliner!! I decided, I'm gonna return the product and thanked that person up there that I didn't already try the product. 

Instead, I did an exchange at Tangs for 2 apparent HG loves by alot of MUAs:
1. The Shiseido - Mascara base (SGD$37)
2. MAC pigment in Melon (SGD$38)

I'm pretty excited to use my first ever pigment!!! Yipie! I will updating you with the results...

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